Plamon Plasma Fibroblast Brisbane

Alchemy Skin & Body Bar is the leading option in Australia offering second to none option in Australia for people that are looking for an effective alternative to surgery and botox injections. Plamon plasma fibroblast in Brisbane has demonstrated to be a second to none option when it comes to effectivity and reliable results. With our second to none plamon plasma fibroblast you will receive a wide variety of skin conditions that include skin sagging, stretch marks, acne and many others.

We understand that the effects of aging can cause a loosening of the space between the temple and the eyelid, resulting in an appearance of sadness and aging, but with our top of the line plamon plasma fibroblast in Brisbane you can totally prevent the fall of eyebrow height that usually appears from 40 - 50 years and is due to the weakening of the suspensory ligaments. It is common that patients who consult for cosmetic surgery of upper eyelids also present a fall (or ptosis) of the eyebrows. Many of these occurrences are commonly treated using botox which is highly invasive and unnatural, but with our plasmon plasma fibroblast you can now revitalise your face and body effectively and with very minimal down time.

We are happy to improve your personal image and help you have that rejuvenated look you always wanted. Our specialised professionals specialise in achieving a unique result with our minimally invasive treatment that gives a youthful appearance that suits and complements your facial features. The lines of the frown or the permanent grooves that are formed between the eyebrows can impact your facial expressions, however can be easily corrected with our plasmon plasma fibroblast in Brisbane. Contact us today to learn more about the most effective and time efficient treatment currently on the market.

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