Our Treatments

Explore our extensive range of clinical treatments designed to nurture, correct, rebuild and slow down ageing

We provide clinical and therapeutic treatments in a relaxed and clean environment at affordable prices.

We use products by Environ, Lira Clinical Peels, Lilash Growth Serum, Cosmelan, Mine Tan and Chemist compounded formulas.

We also offer easy and no interest payment plans via BeautyPay. Please the information sheet for further details or get in touch for any questions.

Clinical Micro Needling

This treatment is designed to support skin tightening and regeneration. Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst improving the skin texture, resulting in a more youthful, glowing appearance. Medical Needling also supports stubborn pigmentation and various scars including acne, burn scars and surgical. And improves the texture and appearance of stretch marks.

Environ Facials & DF Machine

Environ Facials use a 5-step cleansing process, effective enzyme exfoliation and the DF machine which uses sonophoresis and iontophersis. This technology infuses vitamins and peptides whilst improving the cellular structure of the skin. A soothing alginate mask is used where field galvanic can be applied for deeper product penetration giving the ultimate skin rejuvenation experience.

Henna Brows

Create a long lasting hair tint and tattoo-like powder brow skin stain effect with a Henna Treatment. A natural tint lasting up to 6 weeks on the hair with no ammonia or peroxides and encourages new hair growth. Available for Blonde, Brunette, Auburn and Raven-haired beauties. Includes Brow Tidy.

Lash Lift & Tint/ SPM

Lash curlers are a thing in the past, set the new standard in glam in a express professional treatment , you can have luscious lifted lashes that can last up to 12 weeks , even after showering or swimming. Add semi permanent mascara for a more dramatic longer lasting mascara lasting up to 10 weeks

Plasma Lift & Skin Tightening

A current is emitted via a specialist tip to produce a controlled thermal trauma to the target tissue , thereby tightening and contracting the collagen and elastin bundles where lax skin and present. This then results in approximately 30% increase of collagen and elastin, delivering a more youthful and tighter appearance to the skin. One treatment does make a difference however we recommend 2-3 for optimal results 3-6 months apart.

Red Vein, Skin Tag & Skin Lesion Removal

The Clinical Skin Clear System removes minor skin irregularities non-invasively by using combined radio and high frequency technologies, as it is attracted to the Fluids in the Lesions and dries them out. Using the Clinical Skin Clear System we can gently and effectively remove small and large skin tags, acne, large and small fibromas, red veins, age spots and many more skin irregularities.


A gentle, flexible wax to remove stubborn dark and blonde hairs. Starting with a leg exfoliation to remove skin cell build up to make your waxing experience as smooth as possible.

Wet/Dry Microdermabrasion

Treats pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, black heads/acne and skin rejuvenation. A great choice for a special occasion with little down time. The Step-Up Hydrobrasion is recommended for someone with acne pigmentation and sun damaged skin. This treatment includes Double cleanse gentle skin polish, AHA/BHA enzyme cream, steam, serum infusion and Hydrobrasion, alginate mask, scalp massage and SPF 30.